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SPAM: Software for Practical Analysis of Materials

spam is an open-source python tool for quantitative data analysis for 2D images and 3D volumes for mechanics applications that has developed around x-ray and neutron tomography.
spam provides a registration function as well as local, global and discrete image correlation methods and their associated strain calculation. It also includes utilities varying from computing geometrical quantities such as size, shape and orientation to generating unstructured meshes.

For any questions that the documentation failed to answer, for suggestions or bug reports please join us in our chat room. You can also participate in one of our yearly workshop to meet us in person.

Workshop in Villar d'Arène (2024)

From Sunday the 6th to Wednesday the 9th of October 2024 , Villar d'Arène (Hautes Alpes, France).

Registrations are open

Workshop in Zurich (2024)

From Monday the 10th to Thursday the 13th of June 2024 , Zurich (Switzerland).

Registrations are open

# install the pip module
pip install spam
>>> import tifffile
>>> import spam.DIC
>>> # load your images
>>> im1 = tifffile.imread("im1.tif")
>>> im2 = tifffile.imread("im2.tif")
>>> # and register them
>>> spam.DIC.register(im1, im2)

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